photography playground 2014

A free exhibition of artistic installations in a nice historic building where you are allowed to take photos. That’s in short the Olympus Photography Playground in the Opernwerkstätten. It has been organised for the 2nd time, and this year the new Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera is promoted in an original and creative way.
photography playground 2014

The visitor is invited to explore various of installations by 9 international artists. The idea is to explore, feel, touch, walk through, interact, to experience the unknown,
something which is normally forbidden during most exhibitions.
It’s all about having fun playing around with your camera under different circumstances and light conditions. For the non-experienced photographer, information about settings is provided.

It’s a nice opportunity to test a new camera. Don’t forget to bring your ID in order to lend one. Afterwards you may keep the SD card with your own photos. Or you can just bring your own camera if you don’t want to queue up for one.
photography playground 2014photography playground 2014

Opernwerkstätten building

Not only the installations by the artist, also the building itself is worth a visit. The Opernwerkstätten (opera workshop), located in the Charité area, was built in 1941 by Albert Speer and houses 18000 m2. Here, sets and costumes were constructed, serving all 3 opera houses and several theaters.
Today, the building is used for events and exhibitions like the Olympus Photography Playground.
photography playground 2014
photography playground 2014

Olympus Photography Playground
Till May 25 2014
Open Daily 11-19
Opernwerkstätten, Zinnowitzer Strasse 9, Berlin-Mitte
S1 S2 S25 Nordbahnhof, U6 Naturkundemuseum