Berlin Craft Beer Fest 2014

Berlin has an old brewing tradition. In the past, the city housed many breweries and around 1900 the amount of breweries was the largest of Europe. Most do not exist anymore, or are part of the large Berliner-Kindl-Schultheiss brewery.
Since the last couple of years however, the amount of microbreweries is growing fast, which can be directly linked to the popularity of craft beer.

Craft Beer

The craft beer movement originates in the US during the 1980s. Unsatisfied by the narrow offers of mainly industrial lager beer, people started brewing their own home-made beer. The fun of experimenting with rare ingredients, such as hops and flavours, resulted in a new beer drinking experience. It became more an event of tasting beers which have more character and more taste, and which are more honest and more personally made.

Berlin Craft Beer Fest

Also the craft beer community in Berlin rocks nowadays, which is celebrated
by the Berlin Craft Beer Fest, a two day beer festival which is a little brother of Braufest Berlin. It will take place at the same location around the Badehaus Szimpla at the RAW Gelände. About 20 Berlin microbreweries will be presenting their finest craft beer, accompanied by talks, streetfood and some fine music.
I personally am on a quest for the best IPA. Hopefully I will succeed during this Craft Beer festival!

Program Craft Beer Fest 2014

Also interesting to know is that the 2nd Braufest Berlin will take place 11th-13th September on the same location, with an international line-up with more breweries.

Berlin Craft Beer fest 2014
Badehaus Szimpla RAW Gelände, Revaler Strasse 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain
Fri May 30 12-23 Sat May 31 13-23
Free entrance
S5 S7 S75 U1 Warschauer Strasse
M10 M13 M16 Revaler Strasse